What is Coaching

What is coaching? Coaching is a partnership with someone who wants to become clear in their goals but might not know where to start. By asking specific, open-ended questions, coaches help guide their clients to thinking about possibilities that perhaps they had never considered before, or maybe had considered but were having difficulty getting started moving toward. Sometimes it’s easier for people to remain stuck in something that’s familiar rather than go after something that is completely unknown. I know this was the case for me at one time.

Coaches help people look at the present and the future through achievement-oriented eyes. Coaches don’t delve into the past, or into the why of something. We’re more about the “how can I get there?” and “what can I do to move forward?”

Using the tools of positive psychology, I help my clients look at what is already working in their lives. I help them see the strengths in themselves and in others, reframe how they look at a situation, and figure out what is meaningful to them. I believe that the answers lie within each person. I help them access those answers.

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