*All testimonials used with permission from the author*

Lori has multiple strengths and virtues, perhaps most remarkable is her ability to create a safe space for others. Whether she leads a meditation, conducts a class, or merely listens, her calm is contagious and her acceptance embracing. What a joy it has been for
me, and so many others, to work with Lori and be in her presence.
~ Tal Ben-Shahar, author of The Joy of Leadership, Being Happy, and Happier

There is a particular moment in my creative process (and I have heard so many artists say this) at which everything seems set up for completion and success and I am inexplicable stopped. No reframing, exercise, journaling or any other tried and true solutions can help me dislodge this most stubborn and seemingly immovable obstacle in my journey.  This is when I seek out Lori.  She is like a magnetic star for me.  She moves me out of the way of my brightest self. I’m never quite sure how she does it.  When I look back to examine her approach, I simply remember her deeply listening and both of us laughing so long and hard! Do yourself a favor and seek Lori out.  She views the world with contagious joy, compassion, intelligence and pragmatism.  And she has given me an invaluable “toolbox” that she is steadily filling with confidence, ease, intention and clarity. She is truly a great gift.
~ Sheila Siragusa, theater director and professor of acting and directing

I want to start off by telling you how much I thoroughly enjoyed your class. Either of my parents could vouch that when I came home for winter break, it was my seminar that I couldn’t shut up about. Positive Psych actually changed the way I think about myself, my life, and my future. Specifically, I now put much more focus on defining my goals, and also on the concept that our thoughts create our reality. As for my goals, I realized through your class that it is so important to me to work towards something and not just float along with wherever my life takes me. I’ve been writing lists of what I want in my life (whether it’s spending more time in activities with flow, being more mindful, or getting more involved on campus), and brainstormed concrete ways to achieve these goals. Additionally, I’ve been trying my hardest to think about my life optimistically. I focus on my strengths. When I start to worry about finishing a project, or even big worries like where is my life going, I remind myself that I am capable and strong. I have been making a conscious effort to think of myself and my life with positivity, and it honestly has made such a difference. I’ve realized that we have so much more control over our own perception than we think that we do, and taking that control can make all the difference.
~ Julia, former student of first year seminar course, Massachusetts

Lori has a way of connecting me with my heart. She is the navigation system helping me determine the path I want to take to get to where I want to go. Her questions and patience shift my perspective and elevate me to a whole new level! “Just make an outline” sounds like an easy thing, but to me, it’s excruciatingly painful, discouraging, and energy-sucking. In the hour we spent together I accomplished more than the 10 hours previously.
Nicole, entrepreneur, Maryland

When I started working with Lori I was working as a musician in NYC but was struggling to make a living, and was a bit disorganized and confused about how to get to the next step in my career. Through working with Lori I was able to set realistic goals and figure out exactly what it was I wanted and how to obtain it. Today I am in a much more stable place economically speaking, and I am also doing bigger and better things towards reaching my ultimate career goals in music. I credit Lori with helping me obtain and maintain a more positive and practical mindset, particularly as it pertains to my career. I highly recommend Lori to anyone looking for help in working in the arts, or in general anyone following a career path that requires significant determination and self-belief.
~ Nick, musician, New York

Lori is a teacher’s teacher. She is the coach who you would also want as your best friend. Lori listens with a compassionate ear and an open heart. She has the skill set to allow you to find your own voice, your own truth and gives you the tools to help you move into your best life.
~ Petra Kolber, author of The Perfection Detox and creator of Moving to Happiness

A big part of what makes Lori such a gifted coach is the warmth and positivity that she brought to every conversation we had during my time working with her. Like many people, times of transition and change have often been a challenge for me. Lori was instrumental in guiding me through the process, set achievable, measurable goals and her genuine excitement about my successes–no matter how large or small–not only provided positive reinforcement but also helped to renew my own motivation and positivity each time we spoke. In addition, our conversations gave me invaluable insight into the way I approached making changes in my life so that I could focus on the things that were helping me to make progress on my goals and to refine or alter things that were not. Best of all, the obvious joy that Lori brought to each session was infectious. Her enthusiasm helped me to shift away from judging what I had not yet accomplished to celebrating each positive change I was making with plentiful enthusiasm of my own!
~ Ella, arts management, Minnesota

…often when clients come to see a coach, they see themselves in all of their problems… Lori sees her clients in all of their potential and she holds on to that vision until they are able to see that potential for themselves…
~ Bill Turpin CPC, CBE, CPBC, CiPP Professional Business Coaches Alliance | Founding Member International Coach Academy | Coach Trainer

A favorite quote of mine says that when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. Nothing could have been truer when I ran into my friend Lori one day in the grocery store. After a terrible year of too many downs at work and with my family, I was ready to drag myself out and claw my way back up. Lori could see I needed help and did not hesitate to offer what she could. She was the perfect coach – always patient, always interested, always willing to offer encouragement and support – and she offered me more than I could have hoped. She would kindly remind me that the power to change my life was within me whenever I would feel hesitant about what actions to take toward my goals. Her warm light, positivity, and deep insight buttressed my spirits and helped me kick start what has been an exceptional year so far. I know I would absolutely not be where I am today without Lori. Literally! Life is good and Lori’s exceptional coaching, gentle nature, and genuine interest in helping others is an enormous part of that goodness. I will be forever grateful for her caring and compassionate teaching.
~ Linda, administrator, Vermont

I have worked with Lori for over two years. She is passionate about helping to empower others to become more engaged in life and in work, to be ALIVE for their whole life. Lori has helped me find meaning, energy and passion in my work. She helps all her clients to truly, unapologetically look forward to their day, to help them wake up each day feeling excited with anticipation! I love her use of laughter to help me release energy, change my mindset and reframe the situation or change my perspective. After one particular session, from the safe space she so easily creates, I was able to make internal connections to understand how I needed to and wanted to move forward, including the confidence to make it happen. Her support and caring is invaluable to me. I look forward to each session with Lori.
~ Elizabeth, consultant, California

Lori is a fantastic coach. She has helped me define my interests and strengths through her thoughtful questions. She listens very carefully to my responses and often hears things I’m not even aware I’m saying! Together, we have established some viable goals and several potential pathways to achieving them. Although I’m still working toward these goals, I have more confidence in my future thanks to Lori’s insight and gentle guidance. She helped me see possibility where before I had felt only frustration.
~ Kim, writer, Minnesota

Lori’s technique as a coach is indescribable, simply because it is not what she does as coach, it is who she is. Her ability to hold you accountable to your life and your achievements, while still making you feel supported and inspired, is remarkable. Quite frankly, you don’t feel coached, you feel guided. I liken it to the difference between being pushed up a mountain or being gently pulled to your own personal destination. Lori is a gift to everyone’s life she touches. She is both solid and light. And I promise, just her laugh alone will change your day. I love her dearly.
~ THE Melanie Smith …coach to the biggest stars and most powerful people in the galaxy

We enter this world from darkness, grasping and crying at a bright shining light. This is called birth. In a Socratic sense, we exit the dark cave and enter into the light. This is the ultimate salvation, it is the indication of being ushered into a new world of warmth and new possibilities. However, as we all know such wonder is not the case. Over time we encounter obstacles and even villainy, both of which seem insurmountable. Hope dies a death by a thousand cuts, will and spirit become no more than romantic ideals found in fairy tales. After such time, when one has lost all positivity and drive, the world grows dark once more and you dream of the light. That salvation that seemed to drive away all darkness and illuminate your soul, has become no more than a fading dream. It is to the point of becoming a nightmare, because like torture it is a constant exchange of pain and relief, the dream is that sweet moment of relief before the ensuing pain.

Soon you become different in your ways. Conditioned by the world of false promises, your mind adapts and capitulates to a fixed-mindset. A mind that is unbending, fearful, defeated, and a product of torturous conditions. You become ossified, unable to see, to think, or feel hope. You no longer believe in progress or growth, rather only a stagnant life devoid of meaningful developments.

I believed this to be true, and until now capitulated to defeat, allowing my life to be governed by the fixed mindset. I, so devoid of even the slightest inkling of hope, crumbled into a timidly depressed, agoraphobic, and jaded misanthrope. I no longer attempted anything for fear of rejection and failure. I locked myself away for years because of fear, my mind was conditioned, decreeing with utmost authority that I would never succeed or achieve anything. My best course of action was to wallow in misery or become complacent. I choose a toxic cocktail combination of the two (amongst other things). I was an escapist, distracting myself with anything (nothing lasted long because it was of course ultimately unfulfilling). Aside from being an escapist, I was also a faker. I wore fake smiles and nodded ever so agreeingly with others (of whom I disagreed entirely). I applied to jobs and activities I didn’t care about in an attempt to fill time until my death.

I knew deep down all this was unnatural and I disliked my thoughts. I knew I wanted change, so I decide to find a life coach. I came across a program that paired individuals with life coaches, I was (by grace surely) assigned Lori T. I spoke with Lori once a week for a total of 12 calls, during that time she tore asunder my jagged and rusted armor, which I wore to defend my nerve-exposed innards. She assigned me various tasks; including readings, lectures, and introspective assessments. Lori spoke to me with a kind of genuine compassion that seemed all too unreal. I had convinced myself with my fixed mind-set that no one cares or wants to help others. I was wrong. Lori’s goal is to help others. She taught me about my fixed mind-set, where it stemmed from, how to reframe life experiences, and most importantly how to believe in the future again. The latter two lessons were products of adapting an attitude of positivity and rewiring my brain from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset. I would have never been able to turn around my life if not for Lori guiding me over those weeks. She provided me the tools and resources to achieve an outlook on life that translates into success and achievement.

Because of Lori’s guidance I am taking online classes, trying to publish a book, exercising/eating healthy, looking for a new career path, and trying to create relationship with others. Lori opened my mind to the world. She is the real light for which we long.
~ Drew, writer, Massachusetts

Being coached by Lori has been the most amazing experience for me. I feel completely accepted, supported, and encouraged to trust and be my best self by the end of each session. Lori is exceptionally intuitive and very skilled at helping me get to the core of what I really want. The growth that has resulted in my life is most gratifying!
~ Martha, teacher, New Hampshire

Lori is an incredibly gifted person who has a deeply compassionate heart, a grounded sense of reality and the ability to provide a soft, but incredibly robust support structure as you face your own demons and embrace your opportunities in life. There is grace, experience and a profound sense of love in Lori’s coaching. You would be well served to seek her out.
~ Chris, acupuncturist, Wyoming

Lori is a true gift to whoever she works with. She has the ability to truly listen to you and tune into what is really being said and not said. Lori has a gentle way of asking questions that are thought provoking, and allows you to see what may not have been noticeable prior to your conversation. Her sense of humor is just enough to make you feel comfortable with those hard conversations. I highly recommend working with Lori to help you gain clarity, achieve some goals/dreams and find your inner happiness.
~ Jen, realtor, North Carolina


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